Sunday, 17 July 2011

11th July - and still in prison

There is a jangling of keys and our wide metal doors are swung open. It is 6.30am. My ear-plugs have been most efficient and I do not hear the jankling and creaking of metal on metal as doors down the corridor before us are opened. I do not even hear voices, although I can always hear that noisy fan. I crawl out and am thoroughly told off for being in a sarong. It is indecent, I am told, and the manager of the block will not see me until I am properly dressed. I am only showing my shoulders and the sarong reaches to my ankles, but hey ho, I do need to see the manager this morning to ask her to deliver my petition to the Director.

I pull on an Egyptian kaftan and speak to the manager as she passes our cell. She will not take the letter.

Suddenly Anne-Marie from Belgium is asked to get her stuff and she is going - probably because there are demonstrations on the streets of Brussels asking for her release. 3 others from Geneva go with her.

At 2.00pm French names are being called and suddenly the block is half empty. The food improves and we have seasoned couscous and tomatoes. Is this a sign that we are going home?

The entire British group are then called out to meet with the Consul. D and Fiona are retrived from another block where they have been staying with some of the men. As luck would have it, I have the hand written letter asking for my petition to be heard, and the Director is in the yard. I put it in his hand and he makes no comment. I also ask again to make my phone call, once again it is promised. It is a stupid game really.

Our meeting with the British Consul rep is joined by three guards, and the conversation is recorded. This seems neither right nor normal. Consul askes us to be guarded in what we say.
He is entirely subservient to the Israelis, finishing meetings when they ask, only being allowed to see us when they say. He says we must all be compliant with their wishes. The cheek! Does Israel run the British Embassy?

The South Wales Argus has valiantly stuck to the story, indeed is still burning a candle for us. My MP, Paul Flynn, has written to the British Embassy requesting our speedy release, and Caroline Lucas Leader of the Green Party has also made representation on our behalf. This is the first real news from home, as the Embassy has been unable to get hold of my son or brother to tell them what is going on, and of course we have no radio or newspapers.

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