Saturday, 29 March 2008

Call of the wild

The call is stronger now and I have to go back to Cuba. I tell myself it is choice of course, but there is no choice at all - and no excuse either. Long have I worked for money. Long have I worked my heart to believe in what I do. Long has the pull to freedom been pushed aside.
Life is a conspiracy. Like saboteurs the whispers in the back of my mind have been undermining my best intentions. It seems that my best intentions were either not good enough, or utterly misplaced because I have just cast my whole past behind me and am preparing for take off and pizza at 3 pesos a time.

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edz said...

Hi pip,
I'm visiting cuba on the 25th August and will be in Cayo Coco. If you are up for it I'll drag the family away from the pool and meet up if poss and if you are there.

Hope you are well and living out and seeing your dreams come to life.

Peace, love and unity,
Ed - Enterprise QED