Friday, 25 April 2008

Cuba at last

I think we are on the slowest connection in the universe, so no chance of a picture today.

Yes, I turned up two hours before the flight at Gatwick and bought a ticket at a reduced rate (not reduced enough for my liking, but you can't have it all).

I arrived in Havana after a somewhat bumpy ride in a near empty aircraft.Coming in to land was the thought provoking sight of a half burnt commercial airliner poking into the trees beyond the airport. Obviously we are not in a hurry to clear up this misfortune. Undaunted, I randomly found somewhere to stay - after blagging it on my visa form which I miraculously had to fill out myself (!) and found a bus to Trinidad where I eventually discovered my peculiar friend in all his rastafarian glory. Trinidad feels a bit like home. Food, weather, people - all as lovely as as I remember. I am staying (somewhat unofficially) with a friend of the dreadlocked one. Unfortunately no English so I am keeping very fit with massive use of semaphore and all related sign language. 'We' are renovating Trinidad for Fidel and our tongues remain firmly in our cheek. The mountains beckon.

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