Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Mine is the smallest vehicle in the convoy and has been affectionately christened 'Little Toot'. She has been working very hard for more than 3000 miles and with absolutely no problems. She has even had to lead the convoy at some stages which has made her very proud.

During the cavalcade in Istanbul many vehicles got lost, but not Little Toot. The Italians followed a real ambulance (our convoy is composed of many ambulances as part of the aid package we are bringing) and lead almost half of the convoy miles out of their way. On another occasion one of our vans followed a real police car (we have 3 or 4 ex-police vehicles from Sweden and Italy in the convoy), and had a very hard time explaining why he had followed it to a police station! Somehow everyone finds their way back to where they are supposed to be, but often it takes many hours - or even days!

Little Toot has become so well known that we will be writing a series of children's books in her name. The first of which will be entitled 'Little Toot goes to Gaza'.

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