Wednesday, 15 September 2010

No Peace without Justice

I carry the flag of my country, the flag of peace - except my country does not exist. There is no justice, therefore there is no peace.

75 souls left London on 18th September 2010. They came from New Zealand, from Malasia, from Ireland, from Sweden and Pakistan. They found common ground in the injustice which plagues this world, and focused on Gaza. The world is trying to make us forget, and these few people will not forget. Incarcerated behind a wall, blocked out from the land in which they were born and raised, the Gazaian voices are muffled to a whisper and yet still they can be heard by the few who care enough to listen. Their sin was to hold the only free and fair elections in 50 years and elect a government deemed out of favour by the West.

In Paris they blow us kisses as we drive by, they give us food and shelter, they open their arms to us for the sake of Palestine. The convoy is slow and at times messy. We are always late, going only at the speed of the slowest. The breakdowns and lost ones are scooped up as we go and we are very very tired already. Speeches every day in English and French. The Mayor of Bagnolet gave us a civic reception and the food is the finest. Three hours sleep is good if you make allowances for the 5.00am prayers and you have forgotton to pack the earplugs...

Almost everything has been tried to break the blockade of Gaza, and as a last resort I have employed the services of a fellow travelling Maori who is teaching me the haka!

Monday is a 5.30 am start and we head off to Lille where a welcoming committee awaits.

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