Thursday, 23 September 2010

Leaving Westminster

It is not always possible to put travel blogs in perfect order - particularly when you are working with strange computers and non qwerty keyboards, plus having to contend with serious time issues - ie there is a convoy of 50 motors revving their engines outside the internet cafe and you still haven't managed to get a connection. C'est la vie...

It has to be said that my first encounter with George Galloway could have been more deep and meaningful. In the event he gave me a big smile and said with a twinkle in his eye - "Pippa, you won't look so glamorous by the time you get to Gaza." I smiled back and said knowingly "Want to bet!" There followed a stand off. George was not repared to bet, and I had not yet been to Gaza . After 8 days of late nights, driping plastic tents,smoky motels and noisy sports halls; together with 8 days of convoy driving where everyone gets lost in the first 10 minutes and all hell ensues as you try to find them in a city you have never before visited; of driving at a steady 50 mph over hundreds of kilometres at a stretch deep into the night; I have to admit that George has a point. However, I am not so easily thwarted. The lipstick lives on!

In the picture is Abdul Gharfoor my trusty co-driver, George Galloway and myself plus convoy supporters at our press send-off at the Embankment, Westminster.

I must be said that we were not swamped by the press presence. A notable absentee was the BBC who as usual boycott anything which might put Palestine, and particulsarly Gaza, in a good light. Shame on you Auntie. The real world awaits your attention....but we can carry on without you dear.

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