Thursday, 23 September 2010

Girls to Gaza

There are not many females on this trip. Only two are missing from this shot taken in Veaux en Velan- a suburb of Lyon. The girls hold up tot he trials and tribulationbs of the journey at least as well as the boys, and they are a joy to travel with.

Teams of people have come to join this convoy to Gaza. Two vehicles are manned by people from Malaysia, there are 2 US Americans, 2 vehicles driven from Sweden, 2 fro,m France and 2 from Italy. The Irish have done us proud with three large vans, there are 2 teams from New Zealand, and the rest are from the England withjust me and little van coming from Wales. A convoy is meeting us from Casablanca and another from the Gulf States.

It is a fine international effort, but sadly a poor effort by humanity to help itself. The capitaist society in which we exist has no heart. Capitalism is not there to deal with social problems, or indeed any other type of problem. It exists entirely to feed itself and I have no quarrel with that. The concience of the world can only be found in the hearts of people, and if the people do not step forward and open their hearts to the suffering of others we will be left with only a carcass, a shadow, a nothing.

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