Wednesday, 22 September 2010

From Paris to Milan

At Lyon we were greeted in the main square with a huge feast laid out on tables, television interviews and friendship. The local supporters of Palestine held a big rally and afterwards we were treated with more food and an evening of speeches and questions. All were of the accord that Israeli goods should be boycotted. One MP is due in court on 14th October for suggesting that the boycott be carried out by all France. Lots of love sent us on our way and at nightfall we headed off to Turin.

The Turin police turned out in force - not to stop our convoy, but to escort our cavalcade through the elegant streets of this lovely city. We blasted our way through red lights, flags waving, shouts of 'Viva Palestina!', and found ourselves once again in the main square where food was laid out and fond greetings sent us on our way. The people of Turin waved and greeted us wherever we went. They were well informed and very supportive. Two more vans joined us and late at night we wound our weary way to Milan where we camped around our wagons, threw up our tents and slept.

The next day we gave a press conference in the Centre of Milan. In honesty there were not many cameras, but Al Jazeera was there and, suffering from the anger of so few joining us from France, I gave an impassioned interview. I asked why. Why were there so few? Why were people so poorly informed? Why were people so convinced that by putting a few coppers in the pot there conscience would be cleared. It was strong stuff and I hope they use it.

From now on I am going to get mad - really mad. It really is not good enough that so few are concerned by this man made, political disaster. It is not good enough that they listen to our dumbed-down propaganda which passes to us as news. It is not good enough that our convoy is 40 vehicles long when it should be 40 miles long.

There is so much work to be done. We are a convoy of humanity, caring, sharing, seeking only to share the caring in a land deliberately forgotton.It is called Palestine, always was. Palestinains are entitled to self respect and security in their own homes - and they are perfectly entitled to be allowed to return to the houses and land from which they were driven.

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